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Watermaq - Value the Droplet

Watermaq is a Brand under Cleanhub Pollution Control Systems Pvt Ltd, which is a company registered under Companies Act 2013 and is based in Kottakkal, Malappuram Dt, Kerala. It is engaged in the field of water purification, Solid waste recycling, and wastewater treatment plant service in Kerala. It applies the most advanced and feasible technologies in implementing its projects and in making available support services to the stakeholders. Our team makes continuous efforts to help prevent pollution, control degradation and improve environmental performance through all our products, services and activities.

For many stakeholders, conventional waste treatment systems turn out to be largely inconvenient and costly. These systems often require high energy input for operation and rely on extensive maintenance service to ensure continuous operation.

Targeting such potential clients, Watermaq and its partner organizations started to develop reliable and cost-effective wastewater treatment , organic and inorganic waste recycling systems in accord with environmental standards. Efforts to standardize the main components of the Watermaq approach, such as the modular design of the systems, project planning, implementation, quality control, and Pollution Control Board consultations, have resulted in a significant increase in implementation capacity. This approach has facilitated the dissemination of technical know-how and the sustainable operation of plants.

A narrow technical approach cannot ensure sustainable growth of appropriate wastewater treatment infrastructure in the long term. As such, Watermaq‘s approach to project implementation is comprehensive. It comprises not merely the construction of ‘hardware’ but a set of well-integrated procedural steps and measures as well. These include:

Sewage Treatment Plant

The wastewater from, bathrooms, Laundry (sullage) will be first send to a bar screen chamber where large floating materials are removed. The screenings will be removed periodically for the smooth functioning of the plant. There after the Sullage enters into collection tank then in tochemical mixing cum settling tank where chemicals (Coagulants) are dosed to neutralize any toxic chemicals like surfactants and will be coagulated and settled in the primary settling tank. The clear water is Pumped to the Activated sludge Process (Aeration Tank) for further treatment. The overflow from the settling tank enters the Aeration Tank where the aerobic bacteria will metabolize the remaining organic matter (BOD) to harmless carbon dioxide and water. The sullage stream also enters the Aeration tank for further treatment. Air will be admitted with blowers and membrane diffusers. About 95 % BOD reduction will be achieved in this reactor.

project planning


Project planning comprehends technical feasibility studies, detailed engineering designs and cost-estimates.

quality control


All systems designed and constructed by watermaq are guaranteed to fulfill specified discharge standards.

technical support


Staff responsible for operation and maintenance of plants are periodically given adequate training by experts.

project implementation


Service provision mainly depends on preferences of clients and network partners. It also includes supervision of construction, contractor services or turn-key operation.

research & implementation


Research is pivotal to development this is especially so in the techno-sphere these days. Accordingly, Watermaq has a separate wing of engineers and other technically.


Value the Droplet (A Water Literacy Program)

Watermaq believes that basic to finding technological and scientific solutions to the big question of water and of issues and problems related to it is the creation among people of proper awareness about the value and importance of pure water. Reckless and wasteful use of water, the generation of wastewater and solid waste ,the dangerous social and environmental consequences of waste , are major concerns about in which the general public should be made literate. The increasing scarcity of ground water, harvesting of rain water, recycling and reuse of wastewater, and safe disposal of waste of all kinds are also some of the important matters of which the general public should be made aware. Water Literacy is an urgent need of our times. In view of this, Watermaq is envisaging a Water Literacy Program to be termed Value the Droplet.


We are a team of experienced engineers and researchers with focus on effluent treatment plant (ETP), sewage treatment plant (STP), water purification, filtration, RO systems, etc. The Company has designed and constructed ETP for automobile industries like Suzuki (Mangatil Motors), Hyundai(Classic Hyundai) ,Maruti(AM Motors, KVR Automobiles ,and also for automatic car wash centres), all over Kerala. We also have experience in designing, constructing and installing STPs of varying capacity for hotels, hospitals, auditoriums, and residential apartments .We have installed air pollution control devices in a number of furniture industries.


In-house Expertise

Watermaq has sufficient in-house expertise in all area of work. Civil, mechanical and chemical engineers working with company have 15 - 20 years of experience in their relevant fields. The Company’s water analyst is fully qualified and has experience working with Kerala Water AuthorityThe other personnel are all of them are professionally qualified and well experienced.The Company’s overall administration and promotional and marketing activities are headed by the Managing Director E K Marakkar, who hold an MBA degree and a DSI (Diploma in Sanitary Inspector ). More experts and organisations will be collaborating with the Company in the near future. Our expertise is well suited to apply technologies like Membrane Bio Reactor, Ozone Technology, Aerobic Treatment system, Anaerobic Treatment for the recycling and reusing of wastewater.